May 7, 2007

Rimouski drinking water project to undergo comprehensive study EA

OTTAWA, ONT-Federal Environment Minister John Baird has decided that a comprehensive study is the most appropriate type of environmental assessment (EA) for the a proposal by the Quebec municipality of Rimouski to upgrade and bring to standard its drinking water supply facilities. The proposed project involves the construction of three new wells capable of supplying some seven million cubic metres of water per year from underground water sources. The Minister's decision was based on a report and recommendations submitted by the responsible authority, Canada Economic Development (CED) for the regions of Quebec. The report describes the scope of the project, lists the factors to be considered in the environmental assessment and discusses the project's potential to cause adverse environmental effects and the ability of the comprehensive study to address issues relating to the project. Public comments submitted to CED are summarized as well. CED will now continue the comprehensive study and submit its report to the Environment Minister, who will provide an opportunity for comment on its findings and recommendations before making a final decision. More information on the project is available on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry Web site,, reference number 06-03-22292.

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