April 30, 2007

Domtar, WWF-Canada sign new agreement on forest protection, FSC certification

Domtar and World Wildlife Fund-Canada have taken their existing partnership to new heights with an ambitious agreement that solidifies their joint commitment to ensuring the long-term conservation of the Canadian boreal forest, a globally significant forest region.

Through the agreement, the company and WWF-Canada will work together to:

*pursue Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for all Domtar-managed forestland in Canada;

*single out important areas for protection on Domtar-managed lands; and

*promote FSC-certified environmentally responsible papers, such as Domtar's EarthChoice(R) line.

This agreement marks an important milestone for both organizations, bearing witness to the impact of collaborative business-NGO partnerships that benefit both business and the environment.

"Domtar's commitment to sustainable forest management has long been one of the cornerstones of our business strategy," affirmed Raymond Royer, President and CEO of Domtar. "This new agreement will enable us to bring our commitment a step further by working in partnership with WWF-Canada to continue implementing FSC certification, to protect the long-term health of these forestlands, and to encourage public adoption of FSC-certified products like the Domtar EarthChoice line of papers."

Domtar has been working in partnership with WWF-Canada since November 2003 when it became the first Canadian-based fine papers company to pledge to certify all of its forests and mills to the rigorous FSC standard. Since then, Domtar has achieved FSC certification for five million hectares of its forestland. The company has also already voluntarily classified areas for protection equivalent to three times the size of Toronto, over and above government-regulated protected areas within their forests. Through their latest agreement, Domtar and WWF-Canada will continue to list additional areas for protection within the boreal forest.

"A key part of this agreement involves the joint identification of areas for protection on lands managed by Domtar in the boreal forest, a region that plays a vital role on a global scale for carbon storage, regulating water supply, and providing a home for plants and animals," said Mike Russill, President and CEO, WWF-Canada. "Our partnership with Domtar will also address the management of important conservation values and habitat for key species such as caribou."

The partners' promotion of FSC-certified paper responds to the continuing trend toward responsible purchasing as a growing number of corporations and consumers throughout North America give preference to products that support socially and environmentally responsible practices. The FSC standard is the only one endorsed by 85 of the world's leading environmental groups. Domtar CEO Raymond Royer noted that the company's EarthChoice papers bridge the gap between sustainability and recycling "by ensuring that both the virgin fibre and recycled fibre in our papers are FSC-certified."

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