April 2, 2007

Montreal outlines second phase of its sustainable development plan

Two years after Montreal adopted its first Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development, the city and its 76 partners have reaffirmed their commitment to sustainable development by proposing 36 concrete actions to be completed in the 2007-2009 period. These measures, which together make up the second phase of the initial plan, build on activities begun in the start-up phase. They also consolidate the plan's four priorities, which include improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; ensuring the quality of residential environments; practising responsible resource management; and adopting sustainable development practices.

Critical to the second phase of the plan will be increased contributions by the city and its partners. Four of the 19 new actions of this phase have been designated as "feature actions," integrating the three dimensions of sustainable development. These feature actions call for the partners to intensify "greening" efforts to counter heat-island effects and to take part in a program to offset greenhouse gas emissions resulting from business air travel. Other recommended actions include holding eco-responsible events, reducing waste volumes, promoting local purchases, using fair-trade products and choosing, whenever possible, businesses involved in the social economy when holding events.

During 2007 as well, Montreal plans to adopt a transportation plan and a solid waste management master plan. In accordance with this plan's recommendations, the city will divert green and organic wastes from landfills, develop water conservation legislation and implement recycling collection in half of Montreal's 22 large parks.

"Over the next two years, we will be facing new challenges, together, to keep our city on the road to sustainable development. We are committing ourselves today to achieve new concrete and measurable actions which, I am convinced, will make a difference," said Alan DeSousa of the city's executive committee responsible for economic and sustainable development and Montreal 2025.

More information on the 2007-2009 phase of Montreal's First Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development is available on-line at www.ville.montreal.qc.ca/developpementdurable or from Darren Becker of the mayor's office and executive committee, 514/872-6412.

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