April 9-16, 2007

Commissioning begins at Dynamotive's Guelph biofuel plant

GUELPH, ONT-Dynamotive Energy Systems has started the commissioning of its biofuel plant in Guelph, Ontario, 11 months after start of fabrication. The joint-ventured facility, developed at an estimated cost of $16.5 million (U.S.), is designed to process 200 tonnes per day of cellulosic biomass (recycled wood) and produce 175 tonnes (37,000 gallons) of biofuel per day (12.2 million gallons a year) with the equivalent energy content of 550 barrels of conventional oil. Full operation is scheduled to begin during the second quarter of 2007. The company said it also expects to restart production at its West Lorne, Ontario plant near the end of the second quarter. This facility has been undergoing upgradin--after two years of operating as a commercial demonstration plant--to 130 tonnes per day of biomass processing capacity. The plant's output, consisting of light BioOil and char, will be mainly for electricity generation and for specialty products. In addition to its commercial plants in Ontario, Dynamotive is planning production facilities for Australia, China, Europe, South America and the United States. "The Guelph plant will help draw international attention to renewable BioOil and intermediate BioOil as being viable and highly economical replacements, on a potentially enormous scale, for mainstream industrial fuels whether in the US, China, Europe or the smallest nations which have little or no fossil fuel but abundant cellulosic biomass residues which are the raw materials from which our fuels are made," said company president Andrew Kingston.

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