April 2, 2007

BC funds scientific projects related to site cleanup standards, risk assessment

VICTORIA, BC-The British Columbia government is providing $100,000 to the Science Advisory Board for Contaminated Sites in British Columbia (SABCS) to complete two scientific projects to be used in developing cleanup-related regulatory guidance. "This funding will allow the SABCS to develop key scientific tools for use by site developers and environmental experts," said board chair Dr Paul West. The funds will help complete work to update the scientific risk-based methods used to develop standards for contaminants present in soil at contaminated sites throughout the province. The standards are used in the assessment and remediation of sites under the provincial contaminated sites regulation. The province's contribution will also help the SABCS develop a concise, practical and science-based methodology for detailed ecological risk assessment. This new methodology will enhance the practice of risk assessment and risk management within BC. Risk assessment/risk management is an alternate strategy to the use of numerical standards at contaminated sites. "These projects will contribute to the public's understanding of the issues involved in contaminated site management," Dr West noted.

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