April 9-16, 2007

Honeywell signs energy efficiency improvement project with Memorial U

ST JOHN'S, NFLD-Officials from Honeywell and Memorial University of Newfoundland recently signed a contract for a $13.2-million energy savings and facility renewal project. The project will enable Memorial, Atlantic Canada's largest university, to offset the impact of rising energy costs while reducing maintenance costs and improving comfort for students, faculty and staff. The work will focus on eight buildings on the 250-acre campus and will include infrastructure upgrades, such as new lighting and heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) equipment; improvements to mechanical systems; and upgrades to building automation systems to optimize energy management. Measures to be implemented during the course of the two-year project have been chosen on the basis of providing the maximum energy efficiency impact. Specifically, Honeywell will install new lighting that will decrease energy consumption while providing better illumination. The company also will implement new lighting control strategies. In addition, an existing chiller dating back to the 1970s will be replaced with a high-efficiency, environmentally friendly chiller. And Honeywell experts will oversee modifications to the fume hood exhaust system in the Department of Chemistry that will help improve the removal of noxious gases from laboratories. The project is expected to decrease carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 15% or 7,300 tonnes per year. Memorial University will finance the work from the energy and operational savings the improvements will generate. Honeywell guarantees those savings - projected to be approximately $1.5 million per year over the next 14 years - under a performance contract with the university.

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