April 9-16, 2007

Thermal Energy files final patent applications for ThermaloNOX process

OTTAWA, ONT-Thermal Energy International (www.thermalenergy.com) has filed the final applications for patents on the new technology at the core of its ThermaloNOX(TM) process for nitrogen oxides (NOX) reduction. Having filed provisional patent applications in April 2006, the company is seeking approval from the Canadian and U.S. patent offices to begin simultaneously patenting the new technology in 137 countries across Europe, South America and China--the world's largest coal-fired power market. The patent applications relate to ozone generation processes and ozone generators, in particular phosphorus-based ozone generation. The primary invention covered under the patent applications pertains to a method for generating large quantities of ozone which can be injected into diverse applications requiring such great quantities, at a low production cost. The process can be operated very economically by capturing and selling the phosphorus derivatives generated through the reaction. Other potential uses for the ThermaloNOX phosphorus-based ozone generation process include large-scale water purification, HVAC air purification and any other industrial process where ozone is needed to oxidize organic or inorganic matter. "Our repeatable laboratory tests prove our new process for THERMALONOX generates large quantities of ozone on a sustained basis and results in the right chemical reaction required to remove more than 98% of nitrogen oxides from simulated flue gas streams," said Thermal Energy President and CEO Tim Angus. More information is available from Stuart McCarthy at Thermal Energy International, 613/723-6776, ext 220, E-mail stuart.mccarthy@thermalenergy.com, Web site, www.thermalenergy.com.

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