March 12, 2007

Nova Scotia regs will establish e-waste stewardship program

Forthcoming regulations to manage electronics waste (e-waste) will prohibit the disposal of certain electronic products in Nova Scotia landfills and will establish a network of collection depots throughout the province where consumers will be able to drop off old, unwanted products for recycling free of charge. The regulations, to be phased in starting February 1, 2008, will require the electronics industry to ensure the safe and environmentally responsible management of their products.

"I am particularly impressed by the willingness of the electronics industry to take on the responsibility for this important aspect of the province's solid-waste management plan," said Environment and Labour Minister Mark Parent.

"Our industry is pleased take on the responsibility to ensure environmental management of our products," said David Betts, president and CEO of Electronicc Product Stewardship Canada. "During the next several months," he added, "we will work with our partners to develop an effective plan to collect and recycle our products."

Through Phase One of the Electronic Product Stewardship regulations, e-waste collection facilities will begin accepting laptop/desktop computers and peripherals, televisions, monitors and printers. Phase Two, coming into effect February 1, 2009, will expand the range of products collected to include scanners, telephones, fax machines and cell phones.

The cost of the program will be covered by the electronics industry, including product brand owners, manufacturers and distributors. The industry may charge consumers a fee when purchasing new products. Any fees collected by industry will be used to cover program costs and will not be sent to government. Estimates show that more than 4,500 tonnes of electronic product waste is generated in Nova Scotia annually.

More information on Nova Scotia's e-waste regulations is available on the Department of Environment and Labour Web site, .

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