March 5, 2007

Tile manufacturer convicted of odour release, fined $30K

CORNWALL, ONT-6393179 Canada was fined $30,000 after being convicted of a charge, under section 14(1) of Ontario's Environmental Protection Act, of emitting odours that caused an adverse effect on the surrounding community. In August 2005, the company, a manufacturer of rubber tiles, set up a new operation in a textile manufacturing plant adjacent to a residential area of South Stormont Township, Ontario. Almost immediately thereafter, the Ministry of Environment (MOE) began receiving complaints from nearby residents of burning rubber-like odours coming from the plant. The ministry's investigation and enforcement branch responded and subsequently charged 6393179 Canada with discharging a contaminant, in this case odour, into the natural environment that caused an adverse effect. The company was given 30 days to pay the $30,000 fine levied. Since being charged, the company has ceased operations.

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