March 5, 2007

Globe announces themes for 2008 conference

VANCOUVER, BC-The Globe Foundation has announced the main themes for the Globe 2008 Conference, to be held Mar 12 - 14, 2008 in Vancouver. Under Enhancing Corporate Sustainability, leading experts will outline policies, systems and tools corporations can take advantage of in order to maximize the benefits of environmental responsibility. Presentations dealing with Setting New Priorities for Energy and Environment will discuss how to find and seize business opportunities accompanying the new energy era and will examine climate change issues. The theme of Finance and Sustainability will explore the relationship between sustainability and finance, with a focus on clean technology investment, capital markets, and responsible investment strategies. Finally, the Building Better Cities theme will addressing the challenges of incorporating sustainability principles into the design, development, financing, construction, operation and governance of cities. More information is available on the Globe 2008 Conference and Trade Fair Web site,

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