March 26, 2007

Waste management project regulation passed

TORONTO, ONT-The Ontario government has passed the waste management project regulation (O Reg. 101/07), which clearly sets out the environmental assessment (EA) requirements for waste diversion and disposal facilities. The Ministry of Environment has also amended regulations under the Environmental Protection Act to streamline the approval process for recycling certain materials. First introduced last July (EcoWeek July 24, 2006), the new regulations contain the following provisions:

* Recycling facilities of any size will not have to go through the EA process, providing just 1,000 tonnes per day of residual waste ends up going to disposal;

* Small rural landfills or expansions of between 40,000 and 100,000 cubic metres would go through an environmental screening process only, saving municipalities 18 months and thousands of dollars;

* Proponents can pilot-test new waste technologies without having to undergo an EA, providing they are small and can meet the Ministry's air emission standards;

* It will be easier to recycle certain wastes that currently do not meet existing exemption criteria. Included are waste paint, crumb rubber, batteries and electronics; and

* Converting certain wastes into alternative fuels will no longer require waste management approvals, but still must meet air emission standards.

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