March 12, 2007

Montreal unveils climate change, GHG emission management plans

MONTREAL, QUE-Montreal's municipal government has published a corporate climate change action plan, together with a corporate inventory (Inventaire corporatif) of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for metropolitan Montreal covering the 2002-04 period. "The goals of this action plan is to ensure sustainable development in our city and achieve the reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% between 2002 and 2012," said Alan DeSousa of the city's executive committee responsible for economic development and sustainable development. "The Inventaire corporatif is a tool that will enable boroughs and reconstituted municipalities to manage efficiently their energy consumption and reduce costs," he added. DeSousa further explained that the Action plan, which is based on results-based management, focuses on 12 actions and three performance indicators. The key element of this approach is the creation of an "Energy" financial tool aimed at optimizing resources and harnessing financial aids in the field of energy efficiency. The operating procedure set out in the plan calls for the selection of projects based on the best return on investment and the lowest cost, in dollars, per tonne of carbon dioxide.

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