March 12, 2007

Manitoba to receive $53.8M from ecoTrust

WINNIPEG, MAN-Manitoba will receive $53.8 million as part of the new Canada ecoTrust to support provincial greenhouse gas (GHG) and air pollution reduction projects. The funding, announced by federal Environment Minister John Baird and Manitoba Premier Gary Doer, is intended to support projects consistent with Manitoba's climate change action plan. It will be contingent upon approval of the forthcoming federal budget. When combined with existing and new provincial initiatives, the ecoTrust funding will help Manitoba reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by two megatonnes. The province has indicated that it will use the funding for projects such as:

* expanding the provincial low-income energy efficiency program into additional communities, adding to the 300 megawatts saved to date through conservation efforts;

* supporting the creation of new biodiesel plants in rural Manitoba;

* increasing Manitoba's portfolio of renewable energy to include solar power and biogas; and,

* dedicating part of the fund to Manitoba's portion of an east-west Power Grid.

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