February 26, 2007

High-end hotel moves to make its operations carbon neutral

VANCOUVER, BC-The Wedgewood Hotel and Spa, in Vancouver, has entered into an agreement with Planktos to purchase enough carbon credits to make the Wedgewood "carbon neutral" and zero out all its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Each Planktos carbon credit represents one tonne of CO2 that has been removed from the air and sequestered for the long term. Planktos generates the credits by restoring vital ecosystems on land and in the sea. The entire Wedgewood Hotel operation produces an estimated 500 tonnes of CO2 annually, based on its total energy consumption. Under its contract with Planktos, the Wedgewood will purchase 5,000 tonnes of carbon credits, or a ten-year supply. Although Canada's Kyoto commitments do not obligate small firms or citizens, the Wedgewood is undertaking its carbon neutral program voluntarily, reducing its net emissions to zero in the hope of setting an example for other Canadian businesses and industries. "We chose CO2 offsets from Planktos because they not only erase our operation's carbon footprint, they also help restore the sea life, ocean health and wilderness beauty so valued by Canadian citizens and our discerning clientele," said Wedgewood general manager Philip Meyer. Planktos CEO Russ George observed that, "Since the Wedgewood entertains so many prominent and influential figures, we believe their decision to lead the hotel world into the climate fight will reverberate far and wide. This will not only earn them yet another trend-setting distinction, it can help publicize the climatic healing power of ecosystem renewal internationally." Based in California's Silicon Valley, with a Canadian office in Vancouver, Planktos is a for-profit ecosystem restoration company that generates carbon offsets in two ways: by restoring plankton populations in the world's oceans and by planting new "climate forest parks" with its European affiliate.

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