February 5, 2007

GeoExchange Coalition launches training, certification program

MONTREAL, QUE-The Canadian GeoExchange Coaliton (CGC) has welcomed the federal government's new ecoEnergy for Renewable Heat program, which will provide assistance for skill, standards and certification development, all important issues to the geoexchange industry and the CGC. CGC executive director Denis Tanguay said the program "contains all the right elements needed to improve our national training initiative." Over the past 18 months, the CGC, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and other important stakeholders have pooled their resources to foster the development of a comprehensive training program, fully adapted to Canadian regulatory and geological realities. Developed by Canada's most experienced geoexchange professionals, this training program has four distinct modules: drilling, installation, residential and commercial design. In addition to training, CGC and its partners have also developed a structured certification program intended to act as a quality assurance framework for the geoexchange industry. CGC will begin deploying its training and certification program across Canada this month. The industry has traditionally preferred that resources be allocated to skills development, certification and standards rather than to providing broad subsidies. Now that the CGC has begun implementing its quality framework for design and installation, the group says direct subsidies may eventually become appropriate. The CGC acts as the industry catalyst to unite private and public sector stakeholders, and to expand the market for ground source heat pumps and geoexchange(TM) technology in Canada. More information is available on the CGC Web site, www.geo-exchange.ca.

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