February 5, 2007

Green Bin organics recycling program to roll out in Peel Region

BRAMPTON, ONT-Starting April 2, 2007, the Region of Peel will begin collecting organic wastes for recycling from residents of Brampton, Mississauga and the town of Caledon. During February and March 2007, green organics bins will be delivered to all households in Peel that receive curbside waste collection. Household organic material such as food waste and soiled paper products will be collected weekly during regularly scheduled curbside collection days, using vehicles specially designed with two separate compartments for both Blue Box and green bin materials. Household organic material currently makes up approximately 30% of household garbage. Peel's new organics recycling program will help residents divert an additional one-third of their household waste from landfill, in addition to what they are already diverting through the Blue Box program and yard waste recycling. After collection, the organic material will be processed at the region's composting facilities to produce quality compost available for use as mulch, a soil enhancer for gardens, or top dressing for lawns. The Region's compost is sold to a variety of users such as gardening centres and landscape companies. More information is available on Peel's Web site, peelregion.ca/waste or by calling 905/791-9499.

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