January 29, 2007

Sofame Technologies reports $500Kin orders for energy recovery equipment

MONTREAL, QUE-Sofame Technologies recently received orders worth a total of more than $500,000 for its environmental technology systems. The Montreal firm has been commissioned to supply its patented Hybrid Percomtherm unit for installation as part of an expansion of the HÙtel Dieu Hospital in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The company says its unit will provide significant energy savings and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sofame has exclusive production and distribution rights on patented direct contact heat exchange systems such as the Hybrid Peromtherm, which it developed in close co-operation with partners such as Gas Métro, Gaz de France, the Natural Gas Technologies Center, and Keyspan Energy of New York. Sofame further reports that it has received two other orders for its Launrec RBT systems, which recover energy from effluents of dye houses and laundries. One of these systems will be installed at the Swisstex textile plant in California. It will be the fifth Sofame system installed in the U.S. The other RBT system will be installed at Faster Linen laundry in Toronto, replace an existing RBT system installed 17 years ago. The existing system has become too small because of the laundry company's growth in business. More information is available from Sofame president and CEO Rami Shehabi, 514/523-6545, ext 333, E-mail ramishehabi@sofame.com, Web site www.sofame.com.

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