January 29, 2007

Alcan becomes corporate sponsor for BIOCAP Canada

MONTREAL, QUE-Alcan has pledged an unspecified amount of funding the BIOCAP Canada Foundation, a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to seeking biosphere solutions to the challenges of energy security and climate change. "Through Alcan's sponsorship, BIOCAP will continue to provide the insights and technologies that ultimately play a critical role in advancing the use of biomass to generate tradable emissions offsets, reduce greenhouse gases and generate renewable clean energy sources," said Daniel Gagnier, Alcan's senior vice-president, corporate and external affairs. BIOCAP Canada brings Canadian researchers together with industry, government and non-governmental organizations to carry out technological research and policy studies to support the transition to a science-based, sustainable bioeconomy. A bioeconomy is defined as one that draws upon Canada's "biological capital," i.e. forest, agricultural and aquatic resources, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide carbon sinks and renewable bioenergy. Operating with a combination of federal, provincial and industry funds since January 2002, BIOCAP has leveraged a $10.5-million (Cdn) federal investment to attract an additional $45.6 million (Cdn) from private, provincial and university funding partners to support programs and research. More information is available on the BIOCAP Web site, www.biocap.ca.

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