January 29, 2007

LCBO begins "Bag it Back" recycling program promotion

TORONTO, ONT-On January 15, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) began a series of advertisements promoting "Bag it Back," the new provincial program for recycling wine, beer and spirit containers. The campaign describes how, starting February 5, Ontario consumers will pay a deposit ranging from 10 to 20 cents when they purchase alcohol. They are then encouraged to return empty alcohol containers to The Beer Store (TBS) for a refund of their deposit. Also starting February 5, special "Bag it Back" bags will be available to make returning the empties even more convenient. By participating in the program, consumers will be helping to recycle the 80 million containers per year that are currently not recycled. The LCBO, TBS, Vincor Canada (operator of The Wine Rack), Andrew Peller (Vineyards Estate Wines), and other beverage alcohol retailers in Ontario are all participating in the "Bag it Back" program. The public education campaign includes multi-media ads, in-store signs, displays and brochures, and a Web site, www.bagitback.ca.

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