January 29, 2007

SDTC calls for statements of interest for clean technology funding

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) has launched its eleventh round of funding with a call for Statements of Interest (SOIs). The closing date for submissions is March 14, 2007.

SDTC is seeking technological innovations designed to improve sustainability for all Canadian economic sectors, from energy exploration and production, power generation and energy utilization through transportation, agriculture, forestry, and waste management. Across all sectors, applications are invited for technologies that deliver clean water, clean soil, clean air, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Technologies capable of addressing more than one of these environmental issues simultaneously are encouraged as well.

To date, SDTC has allocated $241 million to 109 clean technology projects. An additional $617 million has been leveraged from project consortia members, for a total portfolio value of $858 million. In recent years the venture capital market has increased its participation in this leveraged funding.

"Venture capitalists are paying close attention to the clean tech market, and companies that go through SDTC's due-diligence and funding process are viewed as being well prepared to secure VC funding," noted SDTC president and CEO Vicky Sharpe. "In the first two quarters of 2006," she added, "49% of venture capital funding in Canada's clean energy sector went to SDTC-funded companies."

The SOI is used for preliminary screening and is subject to a competitive review process by SDTC and a panel of independent experts. The applications are evaluated on the basis of fit with SDTC's mandate and adherence to selection criteria, and to ensure they include necessary technology, marketing, and business capabilities.

Applicants presenting the most compelling technology projects will be invited to submit a detailed, full proposal to be considered for funding. SOIs may be submitted through the on-line SOI application system, at www.sdtc.ca/en/funding/advice/soi_application.htm. Prospective applicants are advised to read the "Applications Advice" section on the Web site. The next call for SOIs will open August 22, 2007.

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