January 15, 2007

Nova Scotia revises fuel safety regs

HALIFAX, NS-Revisions to Nova Scotia's fuel safety regulations have expanded coverage of the regulations to more fuels and have given the Department of Environment and Labour jurisdiction over most commercial fuel oil installations. The regulations formerly applied only to propane and natural gas. They now apply to fuel oil burning appliances and equipment. This means all residential and the vast majority of commercial fuel oil installations are regulated by the Department of Environment and Labour. Municipalities are no longer responsible for inspections and enforcement. "Now that we have clear authority and jurisdiction over the Installation Code for Oil Burning Equipment, changes to safety practices made in the national code can be adopted immediately within Nova Scotia," said Dale Stewart, the department's chief inspector, fuel safety. The new regulations will also enhance the membership of the province's Fuel Safety Board to include members with oil industry experience, and will change some licensing requirements for oil and gas service industry workers to standardize requirements among provinces. They also streamline several reporting, compliance, and registration practices within the industry. A bulletin summarizing the content of the new regulations may be viewed on-line at www.gov.ns.ca/enla/fuelsafety/fsb0604.asp.

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