January 22, 2007

H2O Innovation U.S. subsidiary signs drinking water contracts worth $1.4M (U.S.)

QUEBEC CITY, QUE-H2O Innovation (2000) recently signed two contracts, through its new U.S. subsidiary Membrane Systems (MSI), for the supply of drinking water treatment plants for the Florida cities of Palm Coast and Boynton Beach. The two contracts have a combined value of $1.42 million (U.S.). The Palm Coast system will produce drinking water at the flow rate of 2.25 million US gallons per day (8,500 cubic metres per day) to supply the city of 45,000 people. The system consists of two trains of low-pressure, reverse osmosis units using 336 membrane elements designed to treat well water characterized by high hardness and organics. At Boynton Beach (population 67,000), the existing system, which was supplied by MSI, will be upgraded to improve its capacity to meet growing drinking water demand. Using 648 membrane elements in the existing and expanded trains, the system will have a total capacity of 8.7 million U.S. gallons per day (33,000 cubic metres per day). MSI will provide the membrane elements, pressure vessels and ancillary equipment necessary for the on-site implementation and upgrade of the water treatment plant.

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