January 15, 2007

Dutch company to build advanced composting facility in Ontario

TORONTO, ONT-Orgaworld, a Dutch waste management company, has received Ministry of Environment approval for the construction and operation of a new state-of-the-art composting facility that will take yard waste and source-separated organic material and turn it into high-quality compost for use as fertilizer. The facility, to be located near London, is Orgaworld's first venture in Ontario. The company is actively pursuing other locations in the Greater Toronto Area. The planned facility will compost a total of 40,000 tonnes of waste per year from York Region and St Thomas. This will enable York Region to end its current practice of shipping its organic waste to Michigan. The new composting facility will also accept organic waste from London and other area municipalities if they so choose. Orgaworld operates five other composting facilities in the Netherlands. Environment Minister Laurel Broten noted that "the new technology used at Orgaworld has impressed my Ministry's experts in its ability to contain odour and reduce impact on the community."

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