January 22, 2007

MOE approves Warwick landfill expansion EA

TORONTO, ONT-The Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) has approved the environmental assessment (EA) for a proposal by Waste Management of Canada (WMC) to expand the township of Warwick landfill, subject to strict conditions aimed at protecting the environment and human health. and the environment. The Warwick landfill has been accepting industrial, commercial and institutional (IC&I) waste as well as municipal waste from local communities since 1991. It is expected to reach capacity in 2010. Conditions for the expansion set out by scientific and technical experts from the MOE include:

*continuing and comprehensive oversight of the landfill's design and operation;

*an extensive air quality monitoring program to be undertaken by the site's operator;

*restrictions to prevent leachate from being discharged to any surface water including local waterways; and

*road improvements to protect road safety.

WMC will also be required to plant a buffer of evergreen and deciduous trees around the site's perimeter, and a dedicated MOE environmental inspector will be assigned to report on the performance of the landfill. Many of the conditions imposed by the ministry came about as a direct result of consultations with the public, government officials and First Nations communities. The ministry must still approve the company's design and operations plan before construction can begin.

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