January 22, 2007

Sunshine Coast district to study advanced waste management technologies

VANCOUVER, BC-An $81,750 grant from the Green Municipal Fund will enable the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) explore the feasibility of adopting a solid waste management strategy that would integrate advanced environmental technologies new to the district. The SCRD plans to carry out its study in co-operation with the district of Sechelt and the town of Gibsons. "The project includes a comprehensive research of bioreactor technology; a six-month field test of a co-composting cell; the development of a production model for landfill gas (LFG) at the Sechelt landfill; the design and field-test of a LFG collection and flaring system to manage LFG emissions from the existing landfill and co-composting cell; and a one-year field test to monitor the LFG well/flaring system installation and model calibration," said SCRD chair Ed Steeves, who is also a Sechelt District councillor. Sechelt mayor Cameron Reid explained that the various studies will yield the information needed to determine whether to pursue landfill gas and bioreactor facilities alone, landfill gas and co-composting facilities alone, or a combination of all three technologies. Gibsons mayor Barry Janyk added that "the project will incorporate a public awareness component, such as open houses, information sessions, aimed at community members, customers, employees of the partners, and other interested parties to raise awareness about the new municipal solid waste management technologies being tested in the project." The SCRD is an environmentally-conscious community stretching 60 km along the BC coast northwest of Vancouver. More information is available from Steve Lee, general manager of infrastructure services for the SCRD, 604/885-2261, E-mail steve.lee@scrd.bc.ca.

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