January 8, 2007

Ottawa firms fined $42K for waste-related EP Act violations

OTTAWA, ONT-Willy's Roll-Offs and 1092066 Ontario were fined a total of $42,000 and levied a victim fine surcharge, after pleading guilty to violations of the provincial Environmental Protection Act (EP Act). Willy's is a waste container rental company, operating from a site on Stagecoach Road in Ottawa. The property is owned by 1092066 Ontario, a construction demolition firm. In September 2004 a Ministry of Environment (MOE) inspection of the property revealed significant quantities of waste on site, as well as burnt waste mixed with soil. The property did not have MOE approval as a disposal site, as required. A follow-up inspection in November 2004 found new waste on the site. The MOE inspector informed both companies that the storage, processing or disposal of waste at an unapproved site was prohibited. The MOE subsequently conducted an investigation which revealed that in 2004, the Ottawa fire department had to extinguish two separate waste fires at the Stagecoach Road site. The second fire had occurred after the companies were told that the burning of waste was prohibited. It was further determined that roll-off bins containing waste had been brought to the property on at least two occasions after the companies had been told that the site was not approved to receive waste. Consequently, charges were laid. Willy's Roll-Offs pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to comply with a condition of its provisional certificate of approval (C of A) by failing to dispose of its waste at an approved site on two separate dates. For each of the two days of this violation of section 186(3) of the EP Act, the firm was fined $16,000. 1092066 Ontario was fined $10,000 after pleading guilty to a charge of operating a waste disposal site without a Provisional C of A, contrary to section 27(1)(b) of the Act.

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