January 8, 2007

EA terms of reference approved for waste management projects

TORONTO, ONT-Terms of reference for two communities' waste management project proposals have been approved by Ontario Environment Minister Laurel Broten, allowing both to proceed with their environmental assessments. The town of Hanover and the municipality of Brockton will conduct an EA to study a possible expansion of the Hanover landfill. The EA process will examine the potential natural, social and economic impacts of the proposed expansion, and will include more than ten studies to assess potential impacts to groundwater, including municipal and private wells and the Saugeen River. The proponents also intend to increase their waste diversion activities. This EA follows up on a 2005 study done by the communities to evaluate potential waste disposal alternatives and technologies for the next 20 years. The township of Stirling-Rawdon will also carry out an EA for a 25-year solution to managing its waste. This EA will look at options for creating additional disposal capacity, including reclamation of the existing Rawdon landfill site, expansion of the site, finding a new site within the township boundary, waste diversion activities, and a combination of alternatives. The Hanover/Brockton and Stirling-Rawdon EAs will provide opportunities for public review and comment throughout the process.

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