January 8, 2007

WDO assigned task of developing hazwaste diversion program

TORONTO, ONT-Ontario Environment Minister Laurel Broten has directed Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) to develop and fund a diversion program for hazardous and special wastes from homes and small businesses. The directive follows promulgation of a regulation under the Waste Diversion Act, 2002, prescribing municipal hazardous or special waste as a designated waste under the Act. The industry-funded WDO has been asked to examine financial or other incentives to re-use and recycle hazardous materials, and to increase the number of collection sites, especially in areas that currently do not have access to depots. WDO has been further directed to promote best practices and encourage innovative diversion techniques and to develop an education program. The first phase of the program will address paints, solvents, pesticides, disposable batteries and used oil filters and containers. WDO's plan for phase one must be delivered to the minister by May 31, 2007. Materials to be added in the second phase will include aerosol containers, portable fire extinguishers, fluorescent lights, pharmaceuticals, syringes and thermostats and other measuring devices containing mercury. Future phases of the program will be determined on the basis of request letters received.The Minister's letter to Waste Diversion Ontario outlining the requirements for a hazardous and special waste program may be viewed on the Ministry of Environment Web site, www.ene.gov.on.ca/envision/land/wda/mhsw.htm.

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