December 4-11, 2006

NB Environment renews UPM's air permit for Miramichi paper complex

FREDERICTON, NB-The New Brunswick Environment Department has renewed UPM-Kymmene Miramichi's air quality approval for its coated paper mill in Miramichi for a five-year term, effective December 1, 2006. The paper mill complex produces lightweight coated paper. Environment Minister Roland Haché noted that the renewal follows a public consultation exercise, which included a 120-day public review period between March 8 and July 14. The approval includes a number of conditions intended to address concerns raised during the public review period. In view of the shutdown of the kraft pulp mill at the UPM-Kymmene operation, the new permit will reduce the company's annual sulfur dioxide (SO2) emission cap from 2,950 to "less than 2,000 tonnes per year." The company will also be required to conduct a study of potential measures that could be taken at its mill, should the New Brunswick government find it necessary to impose individual facility SO2 caps in order to meet its commitment, under the Canada-Wide Acid Rain Strategy for Post-2000, to a provincial SO2 emission cap of 87.5 kilotonnes by 2010. Another condition prohibits the burning of salt-laden bark as woodwaste fuel. UPM-Kymmene has not done so for many years, but the ban is now an official part of the permit. Other terms and conditions govern particulate limits for the facility's woodwaste boiler, the burning of self-generated used oil and the burning of waste-derived fuel.

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