December 4-11, 2006

EMS completes merger with Biogénie

BURLINGTON, ONT-Environmental Management Solutions (EMS) has completed its merger with Biogénie, acquiring the privately-held firm for $55 million through a combination of cash and EMS shares. The deal combines their complementary operations and gives EMS a solid platform for growth in the integrated environmental services industry. Biogénie specializes in on-site and off-site soil treatment and reclamation for public and private sector clients across Canada and in the U.S., France and the U.K. Founded in 1986, it is the largest company in its business in Quebec. With the merger, EMS now has three business units: site assessment and remediation (SAR), organic waste management (OWM) and tank testing and calibration (TTC). Biogénie will function as EMS's operating company in SAR, maintaining its headquarters, technical development centre, and laboratory in Quebec City. GSI remains the operating company for OWM, while Tanknology Canada will continue as EMS' operating company in TTC, an important niche market. More information is available from EMS president and CEO Tony Busseri, 905/335-2100, ext 22.

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