December 4-11, 2006

Energy from municipal waste demonstration plant to be built in Edmonton

EDMONTON, ALTA-A $29-million allocation from Alberta's Energy Innovation Fund will be used to help design and build a facility in Edmonton to convert municipal waste into electricity. The facility, to be located at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre, will be used to evaluate the performance of gasification technologies using different feedstocks, and to demonstrate the commercial viability of the optimized system. The project will provide other possible users with information to support decisions on converting feedstocks such as municipal, industrial, agriculture and forestry wastes into clean energy. The Energy Innovation Fund investment will cover one-third of the project cost over four years. Building and operating the facility is the third and final phase of a project led by Edmonton's waste management branch and the Alberta Energy Research Institute. Edmonton is the only city in Alberta converting landfill gas to electricity and will be the first to convert municipal waste to a clean synthetic gas for energy, relying on Epcor's expertise in energy production. More information is available from Connie Boyce in Edmonton's waste management branch, 780/496-5407, or from Mike Gibbs at Epcor, 780/412-8877.

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