October 30, 2006

Biogenie opens soil treatment facility at Yellowknife landfill site

YELLOWKNIFE, NWT-Biogenie, a Quebec-based environmental firm specializing in contaminated site remediation, recently began operating a soil treatment facility (STF) at Yellowknife's municipal landfill site. Biogenie president Benoit Cyr noted that this is the company's first facility in northwestern Canada. Yvan Pouliot, manager of the company's Yellowknife office, said, "This STF shows our commitment to serving our clients in the Northwest Territories. The facility is up and running and any volume of contaminated soil, be it large or small, is accepted all year round." The facility also hosts a lagoon, and is permitted to accept and treat contaminated water or snow. Dennis Kefalas, the city's manager of public works and engineering, noted that the facility provides Yellowknife "a long-term solution for properly handling and treating hydrocarbon contaminated soils. An interesting feature of the STF," he added, "is that the biological treatment process permanently destroys the contaminants. Thus, we are able to benefit from the use of the processed soil as cover material in our landfill. In the end, this solution makes sense both from economic and environmental perspectives." The STF uses a biological treatment process called the ex situ Biopile. Soil contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons and other organic compounds are placed on an impermeable treatment pad, where optimum conditions for the biodegradation process are created by controlling various parameters such as oxygen level, nutrient concentrations, moisture content, pH level and temperature. The full treatment process is completed within two to three months. More information is available on Biogenie's Web site, www.biogenie-env.com

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