November 13, 2006

Bowater air quality permit renewal process under way

DALHOUSIE, NB-The New Brunswick Environment Department is accepting public comments as part of a 120-day review process to renew the air quality operating approval for Bowater Maritimes' Dalhousie pulp and paper mill. Inc. is now underway. The mill currently produces approximately 640 tonnes per day of various basis weight newsprint with finished product sent by rail, truck and ship primarily to international overseas markets as well as to some North American customers. As a Class 1 source of emissions, the facility is subject to the public participation regulation under New Brunswick's Clean Air Act. The regulation calls for a public participation process to be conducted before an air quality operating approval for a Class 1 source is issued or renewed. The current comment period for the Bowater facility runs to January 19, 2007. A summary of the mill's operations and compliance history addresses air quality-related issues such as emission levels, pollution control equipment, conditions of the current approval, and monitoring and reporting requirements. The mill is ISO 14000-registered, with an environmental management system in place since 1999, and has not been the subject of any enforcement action during the term of its current approval. Full documentation and related information may be viewed on-line at

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