November 13, 2006

Toronto Blue Box program expands again

TORONTO, ONT-Toronto's Blue Box program has been expanded to include cardboard cans from products such as frozen juice, refrigerated dough, powdered drink mix, baby formula, chips and powdered cleanser. These types of cardboard cans have metal ends and a spiral groove. The empty can, metal ends and plastic lid are recyclable and can now be added to the Blue Box. Only the pull-off plastic strip and the peel-off aluminum seal used to secure the can need to be put in the garbage. "We expect that adding cardboard cans to the Blue Box Program will divert 250 to 500 tonnes of waste annually. That means we'll keep roughly one truck per month from going to landfill," said Richard Butts, general manager of Toronto's solid waste management services. Cardboard cans will be recycled with other steel containers into new products, including reinforcing bars for concrete and automotive parts. Toronto's Blue Box program last expanded in 2005 with the addition of plastic food jars, tubs and lids. That year as well, city residents were told they could mix their recyclables (containers and paper products) together in one recycling box, making it easier and more convenient to recycle.

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