October 2, 2006

Eastern Power registers GHG reductions under CSA climate change program

TORONTO, ONT-Eastern Power has registered its greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions under the Canadian Standards Association GHG Registries Program for Climate Change. Efforts to date by the company have yielded GHG reductions totalling 25 million tonnes. As a result, Eastern Power has laid claim to being Canada's largest corporate responder to reversing GHG-related climate change problems. These reductions are net of all Eastern Power's emissions, and therefore represent surplus credits. "We have been operating our renewable energy facilities since the early 1990's and these GHG reductions provide a significant contribution to Canada's reduction commitment of 240 million tonnes/year," said Gregory Vogt, president of the Toronto-based power producer. Eastern Power's facilities produce and supply power to Ontario's electricity grid using biogas from two municipal waste landfills (including Toronto's now-closed Keele Valley site) as well as natural gas. The company has a portfolio of renewable energy projects and advanced technologies for producing energy from biofuels. More information is available from Dr Bruce Holbein, head of environmental affairs for Eastern Power, 416/234-1301, E-mail BHolbein@easternpower.on.ca, or on the following Web sites: www.ec.gc.ca/nopp/lfg/en/issue4.cfm, www.ghgregistries.ca/.

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