October 9, 2006

Hybridyne Power Systems named to distribute green-powered lighting/security system

TORONTO, ONT-Hybridyne Power Systems Canada has been appointed master distributor for Panasonic Canada's Kazekamome(TM) Remote Hybrid System (RHS). Now being made available in North America, the Japanese-designed and built RHS is a lighting and security device powered totally by renewable sources. The pre-assembled, stand-alone unit uses a combination of solar and innovative wind technologies to generate and store electrical energy. Designed primarily as a lighting fixture, the RHS can easily be expanded for security applications, remote asset monitoring and as an advertising platform. Because it uses renewable energy, the system requires no external electricity and can be installed anywhere without expensive trenching and wiring, making it more economical to own and operate than conventional systems. More information is available from Hybridyne president Thomas Cleland, 1-866-230-3918, E-mail thomas.cleland@hybridynepower.ca, Web site www.RemoteHybridSystem.com.

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