October 9, 2006

Alberta Agri Ethanol ordered to restore seasonal creek flow

EDMONTON, ALTA-Alberta Environment has ordered a company to restore the flow of a seasonal creek which disappeared after the firm constructed a series of ridges and holding ponds that significantly altered the flow of water to adjacent land. The enforcement order, issued under Alberta's Water Act, directs Alberta Agri Ethanol to change the slope of its land near Two Hills so that the spring runoff will once again flow into the creek bed instead of into a series of holding ponds. Alberta Agri Ethanol built the ponds or catchbasins to serve a planned feedlot and ethanol plant. Landowners in the area, who had relied on the spring water supply from the creek, complained to Alberta Environment when the creek disappeared. The order also requires the company to submit a remediation plan to Alberta Environment by November 30 and to complete the restoration work by June 30, 2007.

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