September 18, 2006

Saskatchewan minister promotes precedent-setting reclamation law

REGINA, SASK-Saskatchewan's Industry and Resources Minister Eric Cline met with international nuclear industry leaders in London, England earlier this month, where he made a presentation to the World Nuclear Association Annual Symposium on the province's new legislation for managing former mine and mill sites located on Crown land (EcoWeek May 1, 2006). He said Saskatchewan, one of the world's leading uranium producers, is the first jurisdiction to define a framework for monitoring and maintaining decommissioned sites in perpetuity. Its industry, he told the symposium, "is a showcase of best practices." The Reclaimed Industrial Sites Act, which received Royal Assent in May but has not yet been proclaimed, protects both human and environmental health and safety. Its scope extends to all mining activities on Crown land in the province. The Act, Cline said, addresses a critical need and is a response to stakeholders - industry, environmental organizations and residents of the North - asking for a clear, prescribed process to guide how Crown land is managed after a mine or mill site has been decommissioned and transferred back to the province. More information is available from Bob Ellis at Saskatchewan Industry and Resources, 306/787-1691, E-mail

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