August 28, 2006

New Brunswick municipalities receive gas tax funds for infrastructure improvements

FREDERICTON, NB-Seven New Brunswick municipalities have received a total of over $2.3 million as their first payment under a federal-provincial agreement for the transfer of federal gas tax revenues and the provincial gas tax transfer top-up fund. The agreement and top-up fund, announced in November 2005, are together worth $146 million. The funds are intended to support environmentally sustainable municipal infrastructure projects, such as water and wastewater systems, community energy systems, solid waste management facilities, public transit and capacity-building. Transportation projects such as roads and bridges may also be funded if it can be demonstrated that they will enhance environmental sustainability outcomes. Among the New Brunswick projects are upgrading of water and sanitary sewer systems in Bathurst, and a wide range of activities in Fredericton, from storm sewer projects to streetlights, which will contribute to cleaner air, cleaner water and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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