September 25, 2006

NanO2Tech introduces non-chlorine-based water purification process

MONTREAL, QUE-NanO2Tech, a Canadian company based in Montreal, recently announced its introduction of the Activ 3000 electroperoxidation water purification systems. Initially developed to purify water in private and public pools, the technology also has application for cooling towers and drinking water treatment. Activ 3000 systems are based on the patented electroperoxidation technology, which automatically disinfects water without using chlorine-based chemicals. NanO2Tech says the process, co-developed with ETE and CNRS in France, is the only one that destroys micro-organisms such as bacteria, virus and parasites by applying electric current while oxidizing the water at the same time. The advantage of electricity, says the company, is the instant destruction of bacteria's membranes. The electrolysis also generates natural oxidizers, a mixture of peroxide and hydroxyl ions that have a disinfecting effect lasting 30 days, thus protecting the water against post-treatment contamination. Moreover, oxidizing the water with the Activ 3000 system kills all bacteria without generating trihalomethanes (THMs) and chloramines commonly found after conventional chlorine-based treatment. More information is available from Pierre Castegnier at NanO2Tech, 514/336-7714, E-mail, Web site

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