September 4, 2006

Renewable energy inverter functions in all types of weather, says developer

CALGARY, ALTA-Sustainable Energy Technologies, in Calgary, reports that it has developed and successfully tested a prototype 2.5-kilowatt (kW) grid-independent inverter capable of operating outdoors at full rated power in all weather conditions. Developed with funding from the U.S. Air Force, the new inverter is designed to integrate solar and battery power with conventional diesel generation to provide lower-cost, more reliable and more sustainable power under extreme conditions. Unlike other products in the market, which must be protected from wind, sand and rain, Sustainable Energy's off-grid inverter is impervious to the elements. This, said company president and CEO Michael Carten, is critically important for making installations possible in remote areas or for assisting with disaster relief. "We have demonstrated that the inverter platform and control software will support products for grid-connected stationary fuel cells, solar PV and small wind power systems," he said, adding, "With this step, we are now in a position to deliver an inverter which is interchangeable between off-grid and grid-connected applications. This will be an industry first, and only possible with our patented low-voltage inverter technology." Power inverters are necessary for integrating renewable energy technologies, including solar and wind power, fuel cells, and energy storage systems, into the high-quality power demands of the modern electrical grid. More information is available from Michael Carten at Sustainable Energy, e-mail, or on the company's Web site,

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