November 6, 2006

Ontario to work with NESCAUM on transboundary air issues

TORONTO, ONT-A letter of intent recently signed by the Ontario government and the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM) will enable Ontario and NESCAUM to co-ordinate scientific work in an effort to reduce and prevent transboundary air pollution in the northeastern airshed. This work will address air quality issues such as smog, airborne toxics including mercury, acid deposition, emerging transboundary air quality concerns, and climate change. The letter signals an agreement committing Ontario and NESCAUM to work together to:

*share information relating to air quality surveillance and monitoring, emission source inventories, air quality standards and pollution control programs;

*set up and work co-operatively on joint studies regarding air issues of mutual interest;

*exchange information on new air pollution control technologies, environmental monitoring equipment and analysis, and related areas of expertise; and

*detect new and emerging transboundary air quality problems and develop and exchange policies and procedures for mitigation or control of the pollutants of concern.

NESCAUM was established in 1967 as a nonprofit association of air quality agencies in the northeastern U.S. Its board of directors consists of the air directors of the six New England States - Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont - along with New Jersey and New York. More information is available on the NESCAUM Web site,

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