September 25, 2006

Infrastructure fund supports improvements to North Battleford water, wastewater systems

NORTH BATTLEFORD, SASK-A $500,000 grant from the Canada-Saskatchewan Municipal Infrastructure Fund will enable the city of North Battleford to rehabilitate its water distribution and wastewater collection systems. The federal and Saskatchewan governments will each contribute $250,000 toward the $1.56-million project which will see 12 blocks 12 blocks of aging watermain and 9.5 blocks of sewermain infrastructure replaced. The new watermain lines will be cleaner, reducing taste, odour and discolouration of the water supply, while the larger capacity of the new sewermain lines is expected to minimize potential breaks and backups. As well, the city's water distribution system will undergo improvements to increase both circulation and pressure. Approximately 800 commercial users and 4,600 households will benefit from these water treatment and wastewater system enhancements.

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