September 18, 2006

ZCL Composites receives UL, ULC approval for advanced storage tank lining systems

ZCL Composites recently received approval from Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) and its U.S. parent, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), for the company's Phoenix Lining System(r) and its LifeLiner System(tm). The company, an Edmonton-based manufacturer of fibreglass underground and aboveground storage tanks and related equipment, views the UL/ULC listing as a significant achievement, enabling it to begin marketing other UL/ULC-listed products for environmentally safe storage of petroleum products.

"The UL and ULC approval is a critical step that opens the door to establish the LifeLiner System(tm) and the Phoenix Lining System(r) as the preferred method of secondary containment of existing single-walled tanks across Canada and the U.S.," said ZCL president Ven Cuté. "This new generation of environmental protection will change our industry, and with this approval, we are very anxious to commence commercial activity in this area," he added.

ZCL's internal fibreglass systems allow "in-situ" upgrading of a single-wall tank to a secondary contained lining system. The process uses a patented three-dimensional glass fabric combined with a proprietary state-of-the-art curing system. To its knowledge, says the company, there are no comparable lining alternative products available in the marketplace.

Upgrading from single-wall to secondary containment for both underground and aboveground liquid storage is a high-growth industry, driven both by environmental legislation and industry standards requiring secondary containment for storage of hazardous liquids. As a result, ZCL says its tank lining technologies are poised to become the preferred method of upgrading single wall tanks.

Moreover, its products are well suited to meet the need for corrosion-free storage of new fuels, including the new ethanol-blended fuels and other blends now being legislated in various Canadian and U.S. jurisdictions. In Canada, for example, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the federal government have indicated their intention to reach a target of 5% ethanol in all gasoline sold across the country within the next three to five years.

ZCL notes that as fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks built before 1979 are not able to store these types of fuels, its LifeLiner and Phoenix systems will be able to take advantage of the many opportunities for future tank upgrades.

ZCL specializes in the development of fully integrated liquid storage systems for the petroleum industry. The company's secondary containment tanks for the safe storage of petroleum and other hazardous products use a proprietary three-dimensional tank lining system. Its complete fuel storage systems, marketed under the "Prezerver" trademark, carry a $2-million warranty against pollution damage. ZCL also supplies tanks for storage of potable and non-potable water and for domestic sewage. More information is available from ZCL president and CEO Ven Cuté, 780/466-6648, E-mail, Web site

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