August 28, 2006

MNR commissions Senes Consultants for five-year IFA program review

TORONTO, ONT-Senes Consultants, in Richmond Hill, Ont has been commissioned by Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to conduct a review of the Independent Forest Audit (IFA) program. The IFA assesses whether a Crown forest is being managed on a sustainable basis and evaluates compliance with the forest management plan and relevant legislation. The program is required to undergo a review every five years to determine, on a province-wide basis, what aspects of the audit program are working well, to determine areas in which improvements can be made, and to propose options for making such improvements. The review will include ample opportunities for public input, and the consultants are expected to complete the information-gathering phase by the end of September, 2006. More information is available from John Peters, vice-president, Senes Consultants, 905/764-9380, FAX 905/764-9386, E-mail, Web site

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