September 4, 2006

Vancouver companies charged with importing hazardous waste

VANCOUVER, BC-Environment Canada has charged Metalex Products, in Richmond, BC, and Davis Trading & Supply, in Vancouver, with unlawfully importing hazardous waste, in violation of subsection 185(1) of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA). The charges - three counts against Metalex and two against Davis Trading & Supply - stem from the alleged import of a shipment of lead-acid batteries as well as a shipment of lead pieces and residues from the United States. The illegal imports of hazardous waste are alleged to have occurred in October and November of 2004, through the Pacific Highway Border Crossing in Surrey, BC. The companies were charged following an investigation by enforcement officers from Environment Canada's environmental enforcement division in Vancouver. CEPA subsection 185(1) prohibits the import of hazardous waste into Canada except under a federal permit and in accordance with the prescribed conditions. The maximum penalty for such an offence is a $1,000,000 fine or three years imprisonment on conviction by way of indictment, or both, or a $300,000 fine or six months imprisonment on summary conviction, or both. More information is available from John Dyck at Environment Canada, 604/666-3647.

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