September 18, 2006

Selectpower named to provide renewable energy design, technology for major commercial building project

Selectpower, a provider of renewable energy products and services, has been chosen to provide state-of-the-art heating, cooling and solar power systems for the new Springdale professional building project in Brampton, Ontario. The 120,000-square-foot condominium professional-medical building is described by Toronto builder City Core Developments as one of the most advanced commercial projects ever developed in Canada.

Selectpower, an affiliate of Guelph Hydro in Guelph, Ont will provide the design, engineering and construction of a system that incorporates advanced geothermal heating and cooling systems, plus solar power. The 11-kilowatt (kW) solar system will use nine solar panels about 12 by 20 feet each and will combine photovoltaic power with batteries to provide emergency back-up in the case of power failures.

The Springdale project is designed to meet the Canada Green Building Council's standards for a silver LEED-Certified rating (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which recognizes leading-edge buildings incorporating design, construction and operational practices that combine healthy, high-quality and high-performance advantages with low environmental impact. City Core's use of Selectpower's geothermal and solar technology will contribute to the building's exceptional environmental impact and performance.

"We...believe that it will be the first LEED Certified green building in the Brampton area," said developer Jack Pong of City Core Developments. "The reduction of greenhouse gases and the energy savings will be very substantial for a building of this size. What we are achieving is equivalent to taking 99 cars off the road each year, as the building eliminates via geothermal and solar systems about 459 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually, which is absolutely incredible," he added.

On the cost-savings side, City Core's use of Selectpower geothermal and solar solutions is estimated to deliver cumulative energy savings of approximately $25 million over a 30-year contract. The building does not require the use of gas or oil at all, in addition to dramatically reducing electricity consumption that would be typical for a building its size. Not only will Springdale save money now, it will be well protected from rising energy costs for the life of the building.

"Selectpower has worked closely with City Core to provide affordable energy solutions that will conserve energy for a greener world while actually paying financial dividends in the form of dramatically reduced energy costs," said Selectpower president Suzanne Wiltshire. Along with the design, engineering and construction of the system, the company will also provide a financing package requiring no additional up-front capital above what a traditional HVAC system would cost, in addition to long-term maintenance and equipment renewal as needed or at equipment life.

Wiltshire noted that geothermal technology is one of the fastest-growing applications of renewable energy for building heating and cooling. As more people seek out affordable and sustainable alternatives to increasingly costly oil and gas systems, the market is poised to soar, she added.

"Geothermal is considered a new technology because it is not widely used or understood," Pong noted, adding, "It is a technology that has been around for many years but is only now gaining new public awareness due to high energy costs."

The Springdale development, located next to Brampton's new William Osler Hospital, the largest hospital in Canada, is under construction through 2006 and slated to open in 2007. More information is available from Stacey Hare at Selectpower, 519/780-1209, ext 107, E-mail, Web site

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