September 25, 2006

Sonic's first major Canadian project nears completion

VANCOUVER, BC-Sonic Environmental Solutions reports that it has successfully cleaned a further 1,500 tonnes of soil highly contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) at the Juker project in Delta, British Columbia. This cleanup, now nearing completion, was Sonic's first major project in Canada and has given the company valuable field experience using its Terra-Kleen extraction process. The process removes and concentrates the PCB prior to chemical de-chlorination and permanent detoxification with Sonic's proprietary Sonoprocess(tm). Sonic initially treated more than 1,100 tonnes of PCB-contaminated soil at the site using its Sonoprocess alone. The addition of the Terra-Kleen solvent extraction technology has served to enhance the versatility, efficiency and competitiveness of its treatment system. "Incorporating the Terra-Kleen process with our Sonoprocess at Juker caused us some regulatory and operational delays but it afforded us the opportunity to gain first hand operating experience using Terra-Kleen," said Sonic president and CEO Adam Sumel. "Valuable lessons learned at Juker have already yielded benefits at our first Ontario project where we were able to mobilize a second mobile system to commence operations on schedule last month," he added.

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