July 24, 2006

Clean Environment Commission seeks more information on Co-op proposal

WINNIPEG, MAN-A panel appointed by the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission to conduct a hearing on the Pembina Valley Water Co-operative's groundwater supply system project has concluded that the material provided by the proponent is insufficient to proceed with a hearing or to use as a basis for recommendations to the Conservation Minister. Consequently, the panel has asked Manitoba Conservation's environmental assessment and licensing branch to facilitate the collection of additional required information from the Co-op (as proponent) before proceeding any further with the hearing process. At a meeting in late June, the panel reviewed the four documents submitted by the proponent, together with the public comments received by Manitoba Conservation and background information gathered by the Commission office. The panel is headed by the Commission's Terry Sargeant with members including Ian Halket, Ken Gibbons and Gisele Funk. Interested parties who have applied to participate in the panel hearing will be advised of any further developments as soon as possible. Hearing dates and locations have not yet been determined; these will be posted once they are finalized.

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