July 17, 2006

Former Terasen affiliate now operating as Corix

VANCOUVER, BC-As of July 5, 2006, Terasen Water and Utility Services is operating under the new name "Corix". "The name change came about as a result of our new ownership status that took effect May 19, 2006. We are no longer part of the Terasen/Kinder Morgan group of companies and our new name will help us communicate this to the marketplace," Corix president and CEO Brett Hodson explained. At the same time, the firm's subsidiaries have taken on a variation of the Corix: Terasen Waterworks is now Corix Water Products; Terasen Utility Services has become Corix Utilities; and Terasen Water's new name is Corix Water Systems. The renaming is extended to the company's web site as well, changing to www.corix.com. Canadian-owned and based in Vancouver, Corix provides water and wastewater treatment and transportation products and services to Canadian and U.S. clients.

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